Rental & Services – Drilling & Fishing Tools

AOSS maintains an increasing inventory to meet the rental requirements of our customers thereby able to supply a full range of Drilling Tools & Equipments.

  • Tools & Equipment: Tools & Equipment may be supplied on a call-off or ad-hoc basis to facilitate operational requirements for short to medium term periods.
  • Program Packages: AOSS can provide a bundled package which can be customised according to your drilling program and requirements.
  • Adapters
  • Plugs
  • Pumps
  • Baskets (Junk – Bit, Boot, Side Door, or Sleeve Type, Washover Boot Type, Finger Type (Globe), Reverse Circulating, Jet Poor Boy, Drag Tooth or Friction Type, Offshore or Tool Baskets)
  • Cutters (Casing Drill Pipe and Tubing) - Inside – Mechanical, Inside Hydraulic Casing (Marine), Outside – Casing, Drill Pipe, or Tubing Wireline
  • Magnets: Ditch, Fishing
  • Extensions: Overshot, Spear, Washpipe

A full array of sizes is available in most product lines. Various sizes, weights, and grades are available for almost any slimhole, or standard bottleneck, drillpipe application.

  • Non-Rotating (Marine Cutter Steel)
  • Integral and Welded Blade
  • Single and Double Studded
  • Flange & Union
  • Wellhead or Tubing

Our premium range includes a wide variety of tubular of the highest quality, including

  • Premium API and high-torque (HT) drillpipe
  • Drill collars
  • Premium tubing from 3/4-in to 4 1/2-in OD, grades J55, K55, N80, C95, T95, P110, Q125, V150
  • High-performance tubular that enable and expedite lifting of the extremely long, heavy casing strings used in deepwater wells

Reliable Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer